Our Format

Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path.

Alcoholics Anonymous – Page 58

People often ask us about our meeting format which can be the subject of great misunderstanding.  We firmly believe that completing the work as it is laid out in the original text of Alcoholics Anonymous provided us the best opportunity to live a sober and fruitful life.  Many of our group members have tried “Open AA” and found that while they may not have drank, they lacked a defense against the first drink.  Without treating the underlying causes of our disease, we were much more at risk to relapse again and again.

We respect any form of recovery that allows people to live a normal way of life and repair the wreckage of their past.  Some of these may include Joe & Charlie, Hazelden, AAWOL, and others.  If you have found recovery in these programs, we applaud you and join you on the road of recovery.  Our goal is to work very specifically on the steps using the basic text.  We request that only those that have experience with the step being discussed, and who’ve completed a 5th Step as laid out in the book, share their experience with us.  This allows our newcomers to the meeting to hear from men who have completed the work share their experience with the step under discussion.

If you choose to join us on Thursday nights, we encourage you to ask questions.