The history of the West Barnstable Big Book Step Study Meeting has its roots in a group of men that first met at the Cape Cod Community College in West Barnstable.  Some of the key early members, Don, Dale and Chris went through the process as it is laid out in the big book of alcoholics anonymous.  Those men found that this process allowed them to live a different life.  They formed the concept of BBSS and memorialized it in the “Hyannis Format”

Listen to Dale M’s account of those early days and how he went through the process.  Recorded in November 2000 (Courtesy of the Asheville, NC BBSS Group)

The beginning portion of the recording is not audible, however, we have chosen to keep it in the original format.

Dale’s contribution to our group cannot be easily measured.  Many men owe their lives to his devotion to our cause.  May he rest in peace.